I am just an amateur disc golfer, who like many others, wanted a blueprint to BE BETTER AT THE SPORT.

Through reading and watching everything I could find online and through others, I found that my game was still not where I wanted it to be. Living in Minnesota we have a short tournament season, and need to make the most of the warm weather. Winter play is great for certain mechanics, however there is always an adjustment period back to warm weather play.

I found myself continually being inconsistent in my play.

I’d have weeks where I could hang with the local pros and cash at leagues, and others where I would struggle to compete in intermediate. I tried every system for putting, approaching, and driving I could find, and still found the information incomplete, speculative, not universal, and generally difficult to reproduce. I often had the feeling that I really understood a video and felt great about using the information, then getting out to practice it and finding myself no better off, but certainly more frustrated than when I started. After repeating this cycle time and time again, and having some wonderful in person lessons,

I decided that the world of disc golf needed a better resource to help the casual and amateur disc golfer take their game to a consistent and repeatable level.

As with most things in life, the better you are at it the more you can appreciate and enjoy it. I believe that throwing rounds with more accuracy, repeatability, flexibility, and confidence makes the game more interesting and fun. This is true if your goal is to be the best player in your group of friends, to get into the competitive scene, or looking to use your talent to be a top amateur and tap into your local professional scene.

My personal goal has been to be competitive in the local professional scene, but I first needed a program to help me focus and keep my game at the level it can and should be to compete at that level. Through working with friends, I found in helping troubleshoot their difficulties, I was able to improve my own game in listening to the lessons I had figured out the hard way over time.

I have made it the mission of Precision Disc Golf to bring a system of Practice, Preparation, and Playing that anyone can be a better disc golfer.

I hope you enjoy the content, find more success than you thought possible, and share your journey with us and others in this amazing community.

Thank you for your visit, and I look forward to seeing you on the course!