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Aaron Palm Joins Team Disc Store

Aaron Palm joins Team Disc Store

Aaron Palm, creator of Precision Disc Golf, has been selected for the Disc Store Inaugural Sponsored Team.

“I’m honored for this opportunity to be on the inaugural team for Disc Store. I look forward to continuing to bring you great content through Precision Disc Golf, and play in a dozen or so tournaments around the region in 2019,” said Aaron.

Disc Store made the following announcement on Facebook on April 16, 2019:

“Congrats to all of the talented and passionate athletes who have made Team Disc Store in 2019!

We are excited for the launch of our Inaugural Sponsored Team and looking forward to following your 2019 progress. 
#discgolf #growthesport

We had so many amazing candidates from around the world and we were limited to 100 players this year so this was not an easy decision!

Aaron Palm
Alexander Rosendin
Anthony Hammerschmith
Anthony Sump
Austin Headlee
Austin Kelleher
Ben Baustian 
Benjamin Hopwood
Blair Riffel
Boon Mee Vue
Brad Clayton
Brad Farr
Bradley Myer
Brandon Troxell
Britany Horn
Buffy Householder 
Caleb Ritchie
Cameron Peak
Casey Atchison
Chace McMichael
Chandler Hoff
Charlie MUNIZ
Chelsea Sudduth 
Chris Boro
Chris Lachendro
Christina Rakes
Christopher Faulkner
Cody Hackney
Craig Rodgers III
Dalton Russell 
Daniel Zaleski
Derek Conyers
Don Uhlmeyer
Dylan Rees
Dylan Van’t Hul 
Ed McGovern
Greg Bishop
Greg Jones
Hannah Nicolas
Jack Conville
Jacob Stout
Jaime Martinez
Jaimen Hume
Jake Steinback
James Lee
Jason Dotson
Jason Kruger
Jason Montgomery 
Jeff Johns
Jefferson Kearby
Jeremiah Libby
Jerrod Lucker
Jerry Patterson 
Joe Holstine
Joe Johnson
John McDale
John Zoltanski II
Jon Rahmig
Jonathan Sides
Joshua Battazzi
Joshua Fisk
Joshua Ritchie
Joshua Roblee
Justin Correia
Katie Hudgens
Kyle Hurlburt
Layton Lain
Lori Merriman
Luke Hanewall
Luke Shelton
Mark Chapalonis
Martin Schuler
Matt Lange
Matt Shead 
Michael Brynarsky 
Michael Fazzini
Michael Macfarlane
Mike Schwartz 
Morgan Rectenwald
Naomi Downs
Nathan M. Allton
Nova Six Four Politte
Patrick Metz
Peter Van Brussel
Rick Brazil
Robby Hayner
Robert Duncan Jr.
Scott Cross
Shawn Flinn 
Shayne Lachene (Smith)
Thomas Snake Sears
Tim Weimer
Tony Wilson
Travis Foreman 
Travis Morret
Trevor Wilkerson
Wes Johnson
Wes Landfear
Wes Sturges”

Aaron Palm joins Team Disc Store
Aaron Palm joins Team Disc Store