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MVP Fairway Driver Discs

MVP Fairway Driver Discs - Precision Disc Golf

Time to go to the first driver class of GYRO. We are talking about fairway drivers for MVP, and Axiom. As you should expect given the first 2 articles in this series, there is an outstanding selection of discs in this flight category.   

We’ll start with the Axiom line-up as there are fewer fairway drivers in their line-up.  

Axiom Fairway Drivers

Axiom Clash

The Axiom Clash is rated 6.5/4/-1./2. The Clash is described as a straight to overstable fairway driver. I found the Clash to be a very reliable and accurate throwing disc in this speed class. I found the Clash to have lower than average glide, good high speed stability, and a manageable fade. The Clash is dependable into a headwind, can be thrown with a good amount of power, and I feel the turn rating could easily be a 0. The Clash is very easy to use accurately, and a large factor in that is the combo of lower glide, good high speed stability, and a pronounced but manageable fade. If you are looking for a smaller rim control driver, the Clash is for you.

Axiom Crave

The Axiom Crave is rated 6.5/5/-1/1. The Crave is described as a straight to stable fairway driver. I found the Crave to be a very straight flyer out of the box, and after a little time to break it in to become relatively understable. For lower speed arms, the Crave will be a manageable straight flyer, and for throwers with above average arm speed, the Crave will behave as relatively understable. I use the Crave for hyzer flips, and thrown flat for me will end right with a very manageable long gentle turn. A number of the players that play for Team MVP use the Crave. The Crave is a versatile disc that be used by any power level thrower to fill multiple slots in the bag.

Axiom Inspire

The Axiom Inspire is rated 6.5/5/-1.5/1. The Inspire is described as an understable fairway driver. The Inspire behaves more understable than the flight numbers indicate relative to the Crave. For high power throwers, the Inspire would be a manageable utility disc, and for beginners and lower power throwers the Inspire will be good for hyzer flips and tailwind shots.

Now onto the wide selection of fairway drivers from MVP.

MVP Fairway Drivers

MVP Relay

The MVP Relay is rated 6/5/-2/1. The Relay is described as a stable to understable fairway driver. For me, the Relay is a reliable understable slower speed fairway driver. For those who do not have a ton of experience with GYRO technology, the Relay flies like a straighter Innova Leopard. The Relay is a very manageable understable disc, and throwers of all abilities will find the flight to be controllable and accurate.

MVP Signal

The MVP Signal is rated 6/5/-3/1. The Signal is described as an understable fairway driver. I find the description of the Signal to be spot on. For me the Signal is a utility driver and primarily functions as a roller.  For low power throwers, the Signal will be a workable hyzer flip disc, and when thrown flat will behave understable. I have found the Signal to be a wonderful utility disc here in Minnesota in the winter. When my footing and grip are compromised, I can always get enough power to find easy distance with the Signal.         

MVP Resistor

The MVP Resistor is rated 6.5/4/0/3.5. The Resistor is described as an overstable fairway driver. Without question the Resistor is my go to disc in my bag. I have turned most of my friends on to throwing a Resistor, and I can honestly say everyone could benefit with one in their bag. The Resistor I describe as a baby Innova Firebird. I use the Resistor for controlled backhands, forehands, and they have a surprisingly excellent distance potential as a thumber disc for me. A large reason the Resistor is one of my favorite discs is the raw distance control I achieve with it. It seems no matter how hard I throw the Resistor it ends up landing around 325’ with full power. Being able to work with that max distance makes planning shorter shots much easier than with discs with higher glide. Given the relative and workable overstability of the Resistor, I have found it to be my short range disc in the wind for all throws. If you haven’t worked with the Resistor yet, go get one and save yourself a few strokes on the course!

MVP Servo

The MVP Servo is rated 6.5/5/-1./2. The Servo is described as a straight stable fairway driver. I love throwing the Servo. I personally use the Plasma Servo as a hyzer flip to straight thrower, but as it is understable, I also use the Plasma Servo on flat releases as my understable slow fairway. In Neutron plastic, the Servo is a really nice straight thrower for most power levels, and I find the rim size very comfortable for my hand. If you are looking for a forgiving slower fairway driver the Servo can easily fit in your bag!

MVP Switch

The MVP Switch is rated 6.5/5/-1.5/1. The Switch is described as a slightly understable fairway driver that serves as a neutral compliment to the Servo. That is an interesting description, and though I personally don’t bag a Switch, I have really liked their flight. When I first tried the Switch, I expected it to behave more understable than it did. Honestly, the Neutron Switch reminded me of my worked in Plasma Servo. If you are a low to medium power thrower, or are looking for a forgiving disc when thrown on a hyzer or flat, the Switch is an outstanding choice! I would highly recommend the Switch to new players and those that tend to throw drives 350’ and less.

MVP Shock

The MVP Shock is rated 8/5/0/2.5. The Shock is described as an overstable fairway driver. I absolutely love the Shock, however I would not describe the flight as overstable. Perhaps the description based on my experience could read: “the Shock is a straight to slightly overstable fairway driver.” For me the Shock in Neutron plastic is very similar to an Innova Teebird3. Though the Shock was not as stable as I had hoped, it is one of my favorite discs, because it is so straight and always has a manageable fade. The most stable Shock I have thrown has been the Plasma Shock. The Plasma Shock is noticeably more stable than the Neutron Shock in my experience.  And, spoiler alert, there is a disc that flies perfectly in the faster overstable disc slot for MVP/Axiom. It’s technically a driver, but the lower glide makes it a very accurate disc. In the next post, I’ll talk about the Axiom Wrath. If you were an Innova thrower in a previous life and are seeing the excellent selection of GYRO discs on the market, you will find the Shock to be everything you wanted!

MVP Volt

The MVP Volt is rated 8/5/-.5/2. The Volt is described as a slightly overstable fairway driver. In the right run and plastic, that description is very accurate. I have thrown many Volts and can say run to run and given the plastic, your experience with a Volt can vary greatly. That being said, I have found the Volt to be a very neutral flyer. I like throwing the Volt for hyzer flip shots and with a tailwind, however in most situations, I found the MVP Shock to fit my arm speed a game better. For the average player, the Volt will be a useful disc in the bag at all times, and I encourage everyone to give the Volt a try, you won’t be disappointed!


The MVP Amp is rated 8/5/-1.5/1. The Amp is described as a stable neutral fairway driver. I found the Amp to be more stable than originally I anticipated. In my experience, the Amp was more stable than the Volt, but less stable than the Shock. In all fairness, I have yet to thrown an Amp to the point where it is even slightly broken in, so that could be part of it. My guess is within 5-10 rounds of play that the Amp, it would be a reliable dead straight flyer. I will say once I got beyond the surprising stability, I found the Amp to be the kind of fairway driver I love to throw. So that being said if you like the idea of a longer flying slightly turn resistant fairway driver, the answer is the Amp.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found some discs to try, and if you have questions or comments, please reach out. I love to correspond and talk with fellow disc golfers.

See you on the course!          


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MVP Disc Golf Putters

MVP Disc Golf Putters - Precision Disc Golf

MVP Disc Golf Putters

Hey there Precisioners! 

We are excited to be back in producing content at regular intervals again moving into 2019!  

I’ll start this year out with a bit that helps people learn a brand that many players only know at a topical level, MVP & Axiom discs (Streamline is their single mold brand, but as they come out with more molds and I have more experience I’ll cover that).

As my bag is currently all GYRO, I have spent almost a full season with their discs, and can help answer the most common questions people have when trying to explore their curiosity with this GYRO technology. We will start with the discs that are used the most in every round: Putters.

I will be talking about the discs I currently bag, and have thrown, however for the purposes of this article we will be looking at tee shots and approaches, not putting. The reason I don’t want to give opinion on putting putters is that I believe the most important part of choosing a putter is how it feels in the hand. Choosing a stability that suits your putting style is second most important, but for most people, finding a disc they feel comfortable holding and putting with, is the most important factor.

MVP Discs Putter: Axiom Envy

The first disc I want to talk about is the Axiom Envy. The Envy is likely the disc most of the people in my circle know about in the MVP/Axiom lineup. The flight numbers are 3/3/0/2, and in full disclosure I don’t put a lot of stock in flight numbers. I currently bag five of the Envy, and have also found that they have enough distance potential where I no longer bag any midrange discs. The Envy has great stability for strong backhand throws, and I use mine for shots all the way up to 350 feet! I use the Envy for tee shots, approaches, and putting. In the summer, I putt with the Electron firm plastic (very stiff) because I like a stiff baseline plastic feel putter. However, in the winter, I putt with both the Electron, and the Electron soft plastic (today it’s 8 degrees Fahrenheit in Minnesota, so the disc feels markedly harder than in warmer temperatures). My usual summer lineup looks like this:

  • 1x Neturon soft Envy. This is one of the most reliably overstable plastic types for this mold. For hyzer and wind shots.

  • 2x Electron Envy. Usually 1 nearly brand new and still fresh for very straight hyzer flip shots, and 1 pretty beat up for my turnover or understable putter needs.

  • 1x Electron firm Envy. For putting (in the winter this changes to Electron soft).

  • 1x Glow Eclipse Envy. The least glide and most overstable Envy I have is in this plastic. It’s the closest disc in the MVP/Axiom lineup to a Zone.

Aaron Palm with an Axiom Envy ace on hole 6 at Blue Ribbon Pines in East Bethel, MN.

Aaron Palm with an Axiom Envy ace on hole 6 at Blue Ribbon Pines in East Bethel, MN.

MVP Discs Putter: Proxy

The only other putter in Axiom’s lineup is the Proxy. The Proxy is rated 3/3/-1/.05, and as you can guess has a subtle understability, and reliable very slight fade. I have thrown a number of Proxys and they are really straight! The function of the Proxy that I’ve thrown is very similar to what I used a very beat up Envy for, so for a player looking to throw a forgiving very straight throwing putter, look no further than the Proxy. If I wasn’t working on being more of a mold minimalist, this disc would be in my bag.

MVP Discs Putter: Ion

Moving onto MVP putters the disc I see most is the Ion. The Ion is rated 2.5/3/0/1.5. The Ion is most often used for putting (I have a buddy who is a lights out putter with them!), but off the tee they have a really nice blend of stability and low speed. Again, as a putter mold minimalist I don’t bag one, however they are really reliable approach discs, and are stable neutral in all the right ways. If you’re looking for a beaded stable putter, this could be your next bread and butter!

MVP Discs Putter: Atom

The next most common MVP putter I see is the Atom. The Atom is rated 3/3/0/1. The Atom is the first MVP disc I ever bought. I prefer baseline plastic for putters and midranges, so I got to know the Electron Atom quite well. It is probably the straightest putter I have ever thrown off the tee. The distance potential is enormous for a putter, the glide number to me should be a 5 not a 3. The Atom can be thrown easily 325 feet for me perfectly straight, with only medium power. If I didn’t prefer the feeling of the Envy in the hand, I would bag at least 4-5 Atoms. Although Electron Atoms are very neutral in flight out of the box, they do beat in to relatively understable over time. This is a common occurrence with baseline plastic - no fault of the mold or plastic! I will say that the Proton Atoms I have thrown are significantly more overstable in flight, and the Neutron plastic Atoms are stable as well. A great mold, and one I would recommend to players of all skill levels.

MVP Discs Putter: Anode

A mold that I’ve noticed a number of the MVP team members putting with is Anode.  The Anode is rated 2.5/3/0/.5. The Anode is beadless, and is a very straight flyer off the tee. I find it to be a reliable hyzer flip to flat thrower at medium high power. It feels great in the hand. If you are looking to try a straight flyer and putter give this a try!

Aaron Palm with an Anode ace on hole 14 at Acorn Disc Golf Park in Roseville, MN.

Aaron Palm with an Anode ace on hole 14 at Acorn Disc Golf Park in Roseville, MN.

MVP Discs Putter: Spin

The Spin is the understable putter in the GYRO line up. The Spin is rated 2.5/4/-2/0. I have thrown the Spin in Proton and Electron plastic. In both plastics, the Spin flies very true to the numbers. It is a great understable utility disc for this spot. I used to love throwing PA4’s when I threw a lot of Prodigy plastic, and the Spin is a perfect replacement.

MVP Discs Putter: Particle

The Particle is the most overstable disc in the MVP/Axiom lineup. The Particle is rated 3/3/0/2.5. Currently, the Particle is only available in Neutron and Neutron soft plastic. As I’ve said above, I generally prefer baseline plastic for my putters and mids, however this mold feels so good in the hand it was easy to overlook. Though the Particle is supposed to be more stable than the Envy, I truthfully found them to be almost identical, though perhaps the Particle has a touch less glide. I think it is an outstanding mold, and if you are looking for the overstable putter between MVP/Axiom, I would try both and see what feels better to you.

All in all, there is a GYRO putter mold for everyone. A common request is for an overstable putter, similar to a Discraft Zone or an Innova Gator. In the next article, I’ll cover the MVP midrange that most closely aligns with that style.

If you haven’t tried anything from MVP/Axiom, they have an outstanding line of molds, and plastic blends. It would be worth your time to give them a toss. I will say, with utmost certainty, that the longest flying putters I have thrown are all GYRO. The molds are very true and straight flying discs for almost any speed arm, and I am thrilled with my putter game off the tee, thanks to the Axiom Envy.  

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to a great 2019.

See you on the course,