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MVP Midrange Discs

MVP Midrange Discs

MVP and Axiom Midrange Discs

Time to turn up the speed on the GYRO We’re talking about midranges for MVP, and Axiom. They have an extensive lineup of midranges to cover every type of throw you need in for your midrange game.

We’ll start with the Axiom line-up as there are fewer mid ranges in their line-up.  

Axiom Midrange Discs

Axiom Alias Midrange Disc

Axiom Alias - This might be the straightest midrange driver I have ever thrown. Rated at 4/4/-1/1, it is meant to be a neutral disc when released on a hyzer. In both the Neutron or the Proton plastic, this disc when released on a hyzer, will flip to flat and stay straight, even until it reaches the ground. This is an amazing disc for wooded courses. If you haven’t picked one up yet, and you like to throw slightly understable discs in the woods, look no further. Go get it!

Axiom Theory Midrange Disc

Axiom Theory - The Theory is rated 4/4/-1.5/1. I feel this is accurate, and the first time I saw someone throw it, I could tell it was his go to disc. In fact, we were carded together the first round, and he used it on every wooded shot under 300’, and to great success! Though I don’t currently keep a Theory in my bag, it is the closest disc to a Prodigy M4, Innova Mako, Dynamic Discs Evidence, Discraft Meteor, if you are familiar with those brands or discs. It showing surprisingly controlled turn and glide, another great Axiom disc.

Now let’s move on to the MVP line-up of mid range discs.

MVP Midrange Discs

MVP Tangent Midrange Disc

MVP Tangent - The Tangent is one of my favorite mids. Rated at 4/4/-0.5/0.5, this is a very straight throwing mid. The slightly more stable cousin of the Axiom Alias, the Tangent is surprisingly good at handling a strong throw on a hyzer. Though I love the Alias, the Tangent for me is a more forgiving straight thrower. The extra stability lends itself to windier conditions, and is a little better at handling a flat release than the Alias. I am still to this day surprised at the stability of the Tangent, it performs more stable at high speeds than I would’ve guessed, but like most discs at the speed if you want to throw it hard enough to turn over, you can do it.

MVP Tensor Midrange Disc

MVP Tensor - The Tensor is rated 4/4/0/2.5. This might be the least appreciated disc by MVP fans. The Tensor for me is one of the most reliable approach discs on the market. It has an overstability that is great for windy days, and on a backhand throw a perfect amount of high speed turn fighting power. I unfortunately am not skilled enough at throwing forehands with shallow rim discs, so I don’t have experience with that use, and truthfully the internet has mixed reviews on that function. All in all, if you are new to the MVP family and want a great overstable small rimmed disc, this is the best of the bunch.

MVP Axis Midrange Disc

MVP Axis - The Axis is rated 5/5/-1/1. The Axis reminds me of a Discraft Buzzz, with perhaps a little more distance potential. The Axis holds lines very well, and with practice can function well on hyzer, flat, and anhyzer release angles. A very versatile disc of any type of environment, the Axis will keep you on angle.

MVP Vector Midrange Disc

MVP Vector - The Vector is rated 5/4/0/2. This disc was my first love for MVP mids. The disc has great distance potential when thrown hard. I have personally been able to reach 370’ with this mold. In Proton the mold shows a nice overstability, in Electron can become a nice straight or understable thrower, and in Neutron or Eclipse holds very true to the flight number. The feel in the hand is amazing, and the disc reminds me of the Innova Roc3. I would recommend this mid range to any player of any skill level.

MVP Matrix Midrange Disc

MVP Matrix - The Matrix is rated 5/4/-1./2. Though I loved the Vector by the end of 2018, the Matrix was the only mid range left in my bag. That being said the Matrix is one of the most unique mids I have ever thrown. In Proton plastic I found the Matrix to be too understable for my liking, and it wasn’t until the mold was released in Neutron plastic that I really learned to love this mold. The Matrix to me in Neutron plastic is a longer, and more stable Axiom Envy. I found the synergy with my putters to be perfect. If you like the Envy try the Matrix in Neutron plastic, I promise it will be the first disc you reach for on windy days!

MVP Vertex Midrange Disc

MVP Vertex - The Vertex is rated 4/4/-2/.05. The Vertex is the most understable mid range in the MVP/Axiom lineup. I was surprised at home much more understable the Vertex was than the Theory, or the Tangent. If you are looking for a mid that has easy turn at low velocity, the Vertex is the best choice.

MVP Deflector Midrange Disc

MVP Deflector - The Deflector is rated 5/3.5/0/4. The most anticipated overstable disc of the year or MVP, and it was a huge hit in 2018. For both backhand and forehand the Deflector is the overstable king of the slow discs for gyro technology. The stability to me is somewhere between a Dynamic Discs Justice, and a Discraft Buzzz OS. Though generally people aren’t looking for much glide from a disc with this type of function, I found when thrown with enough anhyzer, the Deflector can be used to achieve more distance than you might expect. There is tremendous utility in this mold, and very rightfully has many fans!  

So let’s hear from you…

What do you throw for mid ranges? I will do an in the bag soon and go into more depth of the molds I currently bag, and why, but soon to come, my favorite category….fairway drivers! What do you bag? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the video review coming soon!

See you on the course,