Hi, my name is Aaron.

I've been playing disc golf for the last 6 years or so. I started when I was almost 28 years old and, like most things you start when you're not in your teens, there is a bit of a learning curve. One of my best friends dragged me out to the course. I was under the impression this was no more of a sport than marbles, or lawn darts, at this point. I told him I would beat him, as I did at most sports.

Well, after losing 18-0 in skins,

I realized there was a bit more to this sport than met the eye.

Naturally, as competitive people are, I wanted to keep playing, because I couldn't bare the thought of not being better than my friend at a sport. Although I only played with my buddy once every few weeks, I finally decided to purchase more than my one disc (a champion spider) and try to really improve my game.

Beth and Aaron at Axldog Acres Disc Golf Course in Summer, 2014.

Beth and Aaron at Axldog Acres Disc Golf Course in Summer, 2014.

I had only ever seen one course and my goal was to shoot under course par (probably a blue level 58, though many local amateurs could shoot below a 50 without any trouble at all), in addition to beating my buddy. 

By the time I was 30, I was playing with the locals, learned my humble place in this sport, and had the bug to improve. At my first tournament, I played in intermediate and averaged 850 rated rounds. I watched tons of videos, and honestly believed I was working on improving my game diligently. As with anything not completely focused, I had mixed results. Through sheer volume of playing more and with better players, I improved.

In 2013, I started playing more tournaments and really showed my capricious nature. 

I shot a career high 1011 rated round and started feeling much more competitive in nature. 

In 2014, besides a couple bad tournaments, I pushed my average tournament round to around 940, and won my first tournament in advanced!

Though I played much less in 2015 and had a bad showing, I knew that I could make 2016 the year that I pushed myself to make actionable all of the techniques and practices I have helped others find over the past couple of years.  

I love this sport, and when I'm not working in the hospitality industry, or singing (choir boy nerd alert!), I am hanging out with my beautiful wife, and probably thinking about disc golf or camping in some way. I look forward to sharing my insights and and journey with you. 2016 will be a big year for disc golf and for me.

Thanks for visiting and come back often the content will always be updating!


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