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If this is your first visit, please take a look at the About and Vision links. We are hoping to be a resource for all of your disc golf needs, questions, and perhaps even answer some questions you didn’t know you had yet! Our mission is to help amateur disc golf players learn to Practice, Prepare, and Play disc golf with Precision. 

We believe that disc golf is best enjoyed when you can be consistent, and play with confidence. This allows you to take shots without stress of losing a disc in water, woods, or other obstacles, and helps you to appreciate the most difficult courses without as much frustration.

Being competitive with your friends and having bragging rights never hurts either. If you’re looking to become a tournament level player, or looking to always be cashing in tournaments, you must find a way to establish your game to a repeatable level. We believe everyone can learn how to adapt their game to increase consistency, accuracy, power, repeatability, and enjoyment of this great sport.

To start, take a look around at our video course reviews and articles, and start improving your disc golf game!

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"I'm just starting out playing disc golf and just need general help improving my disc golf game."

"I've been playing disc golf for a little while but need help in tricky situations."

"My disc golf driving is coming along, but I need help sinking putts on a consistent basis."

"I'm ready to start playing in disc golf tournaments, but don't know where to start."

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